Create an IN/OUT System and say “Goodbye” to Clutter!

Aug 3, 2013 | Blog, Closets

Recently I was at a clients home when I had a REALIZATION! Almost every home I visit has the same clutter problem.

Even the most organized homes still suffer from “homeless clutter” that needs to be taken out of our home or stuff that we need to find a home for.

With my new inspiration, I created an inexpensive IN/OUT system in my unfinished craft room, which is right off the garage (where we enter our home).

I am IN LOVE with this system. It is really functional and I recommend you create one in your home as well!  All you need is a  little spot in your closet, garage or at your front door!



With just a $35 shelf and some canvas bins, I have a spot for stuff coming in (like flyers, magazines and other stuff I need to find a home for), stuff going out (items to return and gifts) and a spot for items to be donated!

I’m also a Book-A-Holic, so I have a spot for books I’ve borrowed and need to give back and books I’ve read and want to share.

I made a fabric covered ribbon board to hold cards, photos and other special things I receive in the mail!  It only cost me $2.00 to make!


I also now have a great spot for my purse, Joe’s bag and other stuff we bring in thanks to a coat rack hung low.

I have two cork boards and a white board for reminders and letters I need to mail and other papers I need to take with me while I’m going out the door.


I spray painted an out metal bin and added some ribbon for a little place for keys, glasses and spare change.

The whole area cost me under $100 and I’m thrilled with the function of this space.