I’m a bit bah- hum- bug when it comes to Christmas.  It’s a long and boring story that involves me whining about my childhood, but basically, I just have too many people to love and spend time with.   With literally dozens of people to buy for and TEN Christmas parties to attend in just a 3 week period, my holidays usually involve a stressful race from one event to the next..sometimes with three parties in one day!

My goal this year is to at least minimize the stressful, screaming basket-case of a mother I become during this time, for my kids sake, if nothing else.

Enter my favourite thing. Organization.  I’ve already made the 20 Crockpot Meals in 2 Hours  I’ve seen all over Facebook.   Let me be clear about this..it sucked. It sucked bad.  First of all, it was more like 3 hours and secondly…my ADD kicked it after the first hour and I cursed and pouted as I chopped, minced and diced my night away.   In hindsight, I’m glad I did it.  I now have 20 meals all ready to go and all of them are under $10 each for my family of 5!

Now that I have more time to Christmas shop, (because I don’t need to make dinner every night) it’s time for my shopping list.  I love using this christmas_planner_gifts_master_list_fillable  and christmas_planner_gifts_gift_ideas_planner_fillable  to stuff in purse. 

How do you get organized for Christmas?


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