As a SAHM, I don’t have a traditional income, so I can’t exactly “demand a raise”.  After seven and a half long years of endless laundry, wiping bums and never ending cleaning, I deserve some sort of reward!  So how do I reward myself? Usually with chocolate…lol.  That hasn’t exactly been working out for me though.

One of my favourite indulgences is treating myself to a new book. I’m one of those people who devours a book with such an obsession, that I barely do anything else, so I need to space them apart!

Every month or so, I’ll reward myself with a new book and take an entire day (and usually that night) to just lose myself in it. It is my mini vacation from the day-to-day chores and demands of being a Mom.  When I’m done reading it, I always pass the book on to another hard working mommy, which makes me feel great about rewarding someone else in my life too.  I could get a library card, but it just isn’t the same. For me, it is the whole experience of taking an hour to myself to walk the book store, pick out my favourite and buy it for myself.

So, how to you reward yourself? is doing an interactive “Give Yourself a Raise” campaign to bring awareness to their website.  It is a place to buy and sell gift cards, which is a great way to save a bit of cash on your next “reward”. I may just have to treat myself to an Indigo gift card!


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