Get Organized with a Back Pack Station

Mar 19, 2014 | Back-to-School, Bedroom, Blog, Closets, Kitchen, Organizing Tips

There are thousands of tiny ways that organization has improved the function of my home. Even the smallest project can make with giddy with the results, but I do have my favourites.  Over the years there have been a few systems, that after using them, I could never imagine living without.  Our back pack station is one of those systems!

Back pack station small

We turned a section of our garage into our mudroom, because that is where we enter and exit the house.  It works great but keeping my kids back packs in there, though the ideal location, is just way too far from the kitchen.  The kitchen is where we pack lunches, do homework and go through the many treasures they bring home from school.  The kitchen floor is therefore where the backpacks would always end up and the kitchen counter is where the school papers would pile.

We created a pack back station, originally in our hall closet, and now in their bedroom.  Best. Thing. Ever.  Now we have a spot for their bags, artwork, important notes and projects and library books that need to be returned.  Sigh. No more school clutter in my kitchen! Check out some other back pack stations I found for inspiration:




I think the key is having a spot for loose papers to go.  You know the ones, artwork, permission slips, fundraisers, order forms.  School is a paper generating machine!


So, if you have school aged kids and do not have a designated spot for their “school stuff”, what are you waiting for?