Stay-At-Home Summer Camp Ideas

When I ran a daycare from my home, I always planned fun daily crafts and activities to do with the kids.  When I stopped running a daycare, I also stopped the daily activity planning.

I always have the best intentions to do fun crafts and games with my own kids, but without an actual written plan, my best intentions often fall short.

I decided to create a plan for my kids summer vacation! A Stay-At-Home Summer Camp, right here in our backyard!


Stay at Home Summer Camp

For every day in July, I have scheduled a different easy and fun activity to do!

Feel free to download and print out this free calendar for your own Stay-At-Home Summer Camp!

Mom's Summer Camp

Click to Download Mom’s Summer Camp 

The first week is Multicultural Week. This week we will celebrate other cultures through food, crafts and activities.

The second week is Water Play Week. With weather permitting, we will be taking a field trip to the beach along with all the other wet fun we have planned!

The third week is Dinosaur Week.  There are endless links on the internet to fun and creative dinosaur themed activities. A quick and easy game we will be playing is “Dinosaur Hunt”.  I take some plastic dinosaurs from the dollar store and hide them all over the backyard. the kids search for them like an Easter Egg Hunt! They trade in their found dinosaurs for treats!

The Last week is Adventure Week.  Explore, dress up and discover so much fun right in your own backyard!

I’d love to hear your Stay-At-Home Summer Camp Ideas and Activities! I may steal some for the August Calendar! Stay tuned for more!

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