This Halloween our family is dressing up as the characters from Alice in Wonderland!

Izzy is Alice, Abby is the Queen of Hearts, Milo is The White Rabbit, I am the Cheshire Cat, Joe is The Mad Hatter and my parents are the Queen’s card guards.

For Halloween dinner, we are having a Haunted Mad Hatter Tea Party all dressed up in our costumes! I am sooooo excited. I love theme dinner night!


All of the decorations, plates, glasses and cutlery on the table were purchased from Dollarama, our local dollar store, and came in at a grand total of $16.00!


I have LOTS of leftovers to next year too!

DSC00485This AMAZING tea pot was $2.00 from Value Village! With a little paint marker to cover the hideous pink flowers and the addition of a dollar store skull necklace, this bargain find was transformed into a terrifically terrifying tea pot!


These amazing ¬†vintage looking “Drink Me” and “Eat Me” printables really make it an Alice in Wonderland tea party!

My kids are so excited to put on their costumes and have a Haunted Mad Hatter Tea Party, and so am I!

What are your Halloween traditions?

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