Decorating My Girls Bedroom on a Budget

Nov 26, 2014 | Bedroom, Blog, Closets, Toy Organization

Until last week, my two girls shared a small bedroom and it was quite possibly the reason that everyday I would find a new grey eyebrow hair.  They fought CONSTANTLY over their room.

My girls have very different personalities and while they get along great, they also enjoy doing different things.  My oldest enjoys reading and drawing while my youngest is still really into princesses and toys…and of course driving her sister crazy.

My days were filled with “Abby is in my bed again” and the ever popular “she is touching my stuff” which is pretty much impossible not to do in a tiny, crammed room.  Don’t even get me started on the lack of closet space or the fact that bedtime was a lot of “Abby won’t stop humming and kicking my bed from the bottom bunk”.  Sigh. 

After complaining to my husband for the 500th time that we need to move and buy a bigger house so they can have their own rooms and I don’t murder them, he finally uttered those four magical words. “Let’s go to Ikea”.

With an ikea shelf to divide the room, our downstairs toy room was transformed into separate bedrooms….sort of.

girls room

This Ikea shelf made a great wall by adding some inexpensive bins to the bottom two shelves and some cabinets to the third row.


We transformed the old bunk beds into a loft simply by removing the bottom bed. Izzy now calls this her “secret book shop” where is can have complete privacy from her sister!


Abby LOVES her new bed and even turned one entire closet into her own private toy collection she calls “Princess Land”.


In Izzy’s “room” she has a desk for homework and art which she couldn’t be happier about!


All in all this budget friendly makeover has everyone in this house happier! By simply adding a few black and white accents to the already aqua room, it turned out sophisticated and fun!

And as for the fighting? Well, they are in the basement now, so I can’t hear a thing!

Watch the room tour video HERE