There have been big changes in our home recently! Our girls Izzy and Abby moved from their tiny upstairs room to a downstairs bedroom, which turned the entire house upside down.

Now we needed a home for all of the toys that were in the play room and a new home for the computer in the family room, which is now the toy storage area. Whew.

Joe and I decided to turn the girls old bedroom into an office and guest room and we are nearly done!

The closet was a bit of a challenge because we needed it to store A LOT of office supplies and also because we had a limited budget.

Enter Dollarama! I love the dollar store for bins and baskets.  This entire closet was done using stuff we already had and $22.00 worth of dollar store containers!

organizing from the dollar store

Sigh. An organized closet is absolute bliss!

Check out the video tour HERE

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