How To Speed Clean Your Home

Mar 17, 2015 | Bedroom, Blog, Cleaning Tips, Kitchen, Toy Organization

Everyday I struggle against my inner Slob.  I am not a naturally organized person…at all.  My kitchen often looks like a bomb went off after I prepare a meal, even if it is simply sandwiches, because I rarely put things away when I am done using them.

Add three kids to my struggle to clean up after myself and you have a recipe for a TLC special.  I conquer messes  My husband says I am the messiest clean freak he knows and he is probably right.

So, after years of an epic slob/clean battle, I have developed a Speed Cleaning System that actually works. The best part? Following this method means cleaning up the ENTIRE house is never more than an hour task…no matter how horrendous the house appears.  I think the secret is that I do this almost daily. Yep, you read that right. I clean my home daily.  This may seem crazy and a bit overkill, but because I do it sooo often, it never takes long and it has become second nature…like brushing my teeth before bed.


So, without further ado….My Speed Cleaning Process!

Step One: Pick up everything that doesn’t belong and put it away!  I know, this seems pretty obvious, but you would be surprised by how many people actually pick up and just relocate the mess.  They move the toys off the living room floor onto the kids bedroom floor, pile random stuff in a spare bedroom or master bedroom corner and shove stuff into the black hole of a basement.  Relocating mess is not cleaning. It actually creates MORE work for you later! Besides, it doesn’t take that much longer to put the item in its ACTUAL HOME!  Remember the one minute rule. If something takes less than a minute, do it now!

Step Two: Create a Home for the Homeless: If you come across something and you have no idea where it should even go, MAKE IT A HOME.  Kids artwork homeless? Grab a basket, binder or box and make that the official home for all kids artwork. When it is full, purge!  When in doubt, toss it out.  A lot of clutter is homeless, random stuff we don’t even really need or want. Get rid of it!

Step Three: Dust First.  Always dust surfaces from the top of the room down before vacuuming or mopping.  If the dust is thick, wet dust with a bucket of warm soapy water.  Dry dusting will just spread it into the air and back onto your surfaces.

Step Four: Be a one product wonder!  Glass cleaner or vinegar and water work great for everything.  Yes, even wood. Running around with one product will save you so much time. Counters, mirrors, furniture…everything can get a quick wipe with one product!

Step Five: If it is bad, bring out the big guns. If you have stains, mould or some seriously gross stuff you don’t want to deal with, soak it with a tough cleaning product. Scrubbing takes too much time and with a product like Fantastic with Bleach, it is not necessary.  Just like you soak stuck-on pots and pans, you can soak your toilet, shower or tile with a tough product. Just spray and walk away. Come back awhile later and wipe.

Step Six: Straighten!  Fold blankets, fluff pillows, straighten pictures. Take a few minutes to make thing neat and you will notice a big difference in the apperance of your home!

Check out Speed Cleaning Video Here: