Whenever one of my three (yes three) Roomba’s start to clean my house, I feel like busting out in a Julie Andrews song or something.  Still, even eight years later, having a robot clean my floors brings me a giddy sense of joy!

A week ago, my son must have played with the buttons, so now our Roomba is our morning alarm clock at 6:30am….even on Sundays.  I’m not a morning person, so to be woken up every morning an hour before I need to would normally be annoying, but the sweet sound of vacuuming puts a smile on my face, even at 6:30am.  Yeah, I know, I need to re-program it.


So here are a few of my top reasons why having a Roomba Rocks:

1.  When you run it everyday, your floors NEVER get dirty.  That feeling of crumbs on bare feet? Never again my friend.

2. You don’t have to dust as often.  Because your floors are dust free, it doesn’t blow around and get on your surfaces. I hardly ever need to dust!

3. No more after dinner floor sweeping. Three kids equals crumbs after dinner, but now we just move the Roomba into the kitchen and press the “spot” button and it takes care of any food crumbs right away. I do not even own a broom anymore!

4. Kids pick up their toys so “the Roomba doesn’t eat them”.  If you tell the kids that the Roomba is going to turn on soon, they know to pick up their stuff quick!

5. It also makes YOU pick up your stuff! Roomba’s get stuck on piles, so your floors need to be clutter-free. It takes less time to pick up stuff then it does to vacuum and it forces you take a few minutes to get rid of floor clutter.  After awhile, you just get used to never leaving stuff on your floor!

6. Less allergies.  We have two cats and a dog which equals a lot of pet dander.  My oldest girl and I are allergic to cats, but with the house being vacuumed every.single.day, we never have allergies like we do at other cat owners houses!

For me, a Roomba is worth the investment!  Cleaner house, more time and a healthier family? Yep, it is worth every penny.

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