Are You Clutter Blind?

Aug 26, 2015 | Blog, Kitchen, Toy Organization

We all have clutter, it creeps in and settles without us even noticing sometimes!  Seemingly overnight, a surface can go from clean to cluttered and if left too long, that clutter can become invisible (well, just to us, guests can see everything).

Maybe we just get so used to it that we don’t see it anymore, or maybe our brain just tunes it out as a defence mechanism against stress, whatever the reason, sometimes we can become “clutter blind” to our own mess.


In the past, I suffered from a small case of Clutter Blindness myself, but over the years I have learned a simple trick to stop the clutter creep! The biggest tip I have learned is that “Clutter breeds Clutter”.  What I mean by that is, if you have a small pile of things that don’t belong on our counter, we are way more likely to just add to the pile. Our brains makes that split second decision to “put it away later” because we already have a pile that “needs to be put away later”.  I don’t think it is a conscious decision, we are simply doing what has already been done.

So, the trick to stopping the cycle? Completing it. Complete the Cycle.

I learned this trick from reading [easyazon_link identifier=”0743292650″ locale=”US” tag=”clutterbug07-20″]Peter Walsh’s book , “It’s All Too Much”[/easyazon_link] years ago. Peter says, “Just like you wouldn’t stop your laundry mid-cycle, don’t stop decluttering before you are 100% done”.   The laundry isn’t done until it is washed, dried and put away and your kitchen isn’t “clean” until you have put everything where it belongs (a pile on the counter is not where it

So, full disclaimer, this may come across as harsh, but I just want to let you know what has helped me overcome clutter blindness.  I got these pictures from a blog I read called Ready. Set. Simplify. (I just DID not feel like messing up my kitchen just to clean it again…I’m lazy like that).  I in no way mean to be rude, I love this blog and I am simply using her photos to demonstrate Peter’s “Complete the Cycle” trick.

So let’s start with the messiest one:



So much better, but not “complete”.  The pile of paper and mail is just going to attract more paper! And there is random stuff like salad dressing and water bottles on the counter.



Almost there! The paper still needs a quick file system to keep it contained and from getting out of control and there are still random things on the counter!




Ok.  So, while this kitchen does look AMAZING, it is still only 90%.  This is where you and I and just about everyone else would normally stop. I mean, it is sooo clean, right? The truth is, by spending the extra five minutes to complete the cycle and get this kitchen 100% clutter free will make it so much easier to keep it that way!




So whether you struggle with paper, laundry or kids toys, by taking the time to declutter one small area of your home 100% of the way will make it so much easier to keep it that way.  You may have to rearrange and purge in order to create a home for everything that is laying around, but it in end, a clean and clutter free home for life will be so worth it!!

So, cure your Clutter Blindness today and Complete the Cycle in your home!!!