The Scrub Free Housewife

Sep 3, 2015 | Bathroom, Blog, Cleaning Tips, Kitchen

As a stay-at-home mom, I have exactly two jobs:

1. Take care of the kids

2. Take care of the house

Honestly, I am not particularly great at either.  Everyday I have great intentions of spending hours crafting with my kids and signing songs as we skip the park, but most days I do well just to feed them and keep them from killing each other.

As for the house, well, I am no June Cleaver.  It is tidy, most of the time, but this is pretty much due to our fail proof organizing system.  As for it being clean? Well, clean is really relative to each individual.  If you ask me, no, it is far from clean.  You see, I don’t deep clean...ever.


This mama doesn’t scrub, heck, I don’t even OWN a scrub brush…or a broom for that matter.  I don’t pull out furniture or appliances.  Wash the walls? Um, never. Wash the floors on my hands and knees? Not in this lifetime.  I have a completely different cleaning method.

I know what you are thinking….”Ewwww, her house must be GROSS”.  Nope. I rarely have dust because I dust every few days and I never have dirty floor because I quick mop them every night.  As for crumbs? My Roomba vacuums the floors for me twice a day, so they never really get dirty! You see, I have discovered the secret to a “fake” clean house!  15 minutes, every night, to pick up lost items, wipe surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms and speed mop the floors.


That is it, that is all I do, yet my home always seems pretty clean (don’t open the fridge).  No need to scrub when there is never visible dirt.  When you clean everyday for just a few minutes, the dirt never accumulates or stains your surfaces.  It just stays looking clean….forever!

Now, obviously I should deep clean sometimes… There are some really neglected hidden areas in my home, but for the most part, I have discovered the perfect clean house/lazy mom ration.  15 minutes a day my friends, that is all it takes!