Let’s get organized!
I finally took the time to organize my dreaded spice cupboard! My kitchen is really old, so my spices have to go in the lazy susan, there just isn’t any other place to put them!

I thought about moving all my spices into nice, matching containers…but seriously? Who has time for that????

My spices were a mess though! They were not organized in anyway and it made cooking even more of a chore!

Here are the quick tips I used to organize my spices in under 15 minutes!!

1. Use containers so you can easily bring the spices right beside the stove while you cook!

2. Sort and place similar spices together in separate bins

3. Label the bins and the top of the spices so you can easily find what you are looking for!

These easy tips will save me so much time while preparing meals! I am excited to finally have my spices organized!

Organize Something Today!

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