I am having a long week! Our entire family (with the exception of my husband) has Hand, Mouth and Foot Disease (it hurts pretty badly and I am being a much bigger whimp then my kids)!  I also have a television segment to get ready for (it airs in a few days), the local news was here for an interview and just weekly blogging and housework (aka disinfecting everything like we have the plague) to do.

Wanna know the bright, shiny awesomeness that is making this week amazing despite illness and mountains of work? We are having someone come and quote new floors tomorrow…I mean, this may just finally happen for me!!

Choosing flooring has proven WAY more difficult than I imagined.  All the things I thought I wanted are turning out to be really bad choices.  Really dark, shiny floors show way too much dust!  Real hardwood scratched soooo easily in our “key test” and the hand scraped laminate I thought I wanted looked kind of plasticky in real life.


So, my top choice is a rustic oak barnboard looking laminate. I’m nervous and excited…well, mostly excited! White carpets with three kids, two cats and a dog is not working for me.

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