Why I hate Elf-On-A-Shelf Haters

Dec 18, 2015 | Blog, Toy Organization

Almost everyday my Facebook newsfeed has another blog post about how “creepy” or “disrespectful” the “Elf-On-A-Shelf” is. Fellow Mom’s use their blog as a soapbox to shout out their very strong opinions about why it is such a horrible idea and how it “ruins Christmas” and I can’t help but take offence.

I’ve read everything from “it takes away from the meaning of Christmas” to “lying to your children will cause long term trust issues”. I mean, for real? It’s a toy people. Its only purpose is to make small children happy and I’m not sure how that can be twisted into a bad thing.

My kids genuinely love our elf, Charlie. When they asked Santa for one a few years ago, I had no problem getting them one. I mean, I just couldn’t see a reason not to get one. It was one of the only things they had asked for and it seemed like a really fun way to extend the Christmas magic all month long. Besides, what was I going to say? “No, Elves aren’t real….but Santa is?” Or perhaps “I know all your friends have one, but it is totally fake and their parents move it, but don’t tell your friends”  I can’t even come up with a good excuse to type here, you Elf haters must be WAY more creative than me.


Yes, moving the thing every single night gets old quick, but the squeals of laughter in the morning more than make up for it.

Is the Elf taking away from the meaning of Christmas? Probably, but let’s face it, so is Santa Claus. I find it incredibly hypercritical that you can bash me for having an Elf, but you have no problem with the jolly fat guy in the red suit. I’ve also heard that the whole “magic” thing is against the bible, but again, this is coming from families who support their children believing in Santa…who delivers toys to children all over the world…in his magic sleigh…with his flying freaking reindeer.


And to those of you who blabber on about how “creepy” it is that an Elf moves around your home at night, I promise you, a fairy that collects your kid’s teeth while they sleep is way freaking creepier.

I’m not trying to insult people who don’t have an Elf-On-The-Shelf, I am simply trying to demonstrate how rude it is to insult people who do have one. I’m not a bad parent for moving a toy in order to make my kids happy. I don’t appreciate you spreading all of your hate as a way of justifying why you don’t partake. Just be honest, you’re too lazy to move the damn thing every night. 😉