Last minute Valentine’s day gift for school

Feb 10, 2016 | Back-to-School, Blog, Toy Organization

Today my friend Jess asked me what I making for my girl’s classmates this Valentine’s day, to which I responded, “say what?”  

How can it possibly be Valentine’s Day already? A even better question is “How could I have been so dumb as to make homemade, Pinterest wannabe crap every year?”.  I set a ridiculous precedent with my kids, so now they expect something more than just a paper card for their friends – side note- learn from my mistakes and never, ever go on Pinterest looking for class gift ideas; it just makes you feel like a super crappy parent.

To make matters worse, my kids go to this school where, I swear to you, most of the Mom’s are hyped up on life and all going insanely overboard for every occasion.  This school is a full on Mommy Wars battlefield.

We have gotten everything from $10 gift cards to elaborate gift bags filled with toys.  Since our school allows no homemade food to be given out, my kids bring home like, actual toys from their friends (like shopkins at Christmas).  There are 20 kids in their class, I am not spending $200 for every freaking occasion.  Stop the madness, please, just stop it.  

So, tonight (since they have to bring in their Valentine’s TOMORROW because Friday is a PA Day) I made this quick printable to attach to a pack of Starburst for each of their classmates.  The candy was 2 for $1 at the dollar store, so yes, I spent $20 on 40 packs of Starburst, but at least I am done…and I don’t have to even get out my glue gun this year!


The girls are writing personal messages on the backs tomorrow before school, and while this isn’t some Pinterest worthy, Mommy War winning Valentine’s Day gift, my kids are happy!


So download this Starbursts Valentine free printable and phone in your kids classroom gift this year too.  I mean, life is way too short to waste our time or our money on homemade Valentine’s Day gifts for 40 little kids who could seriously care less.