Best Homemade Natural Cleaners Recipe!

Mar 30, 2016 | Blog, Cleaning Tips

I love making my own homemade cleaners, mostly because I go through them so fast and also because they smell amazing! The natural, non-toxic thing is a nice bonus too!

I am not a huge fan of the smell of vinegar (who is?) so these recipes are the perfect combination of natural cleaning, without your home smelling like a pickle factory!  You can also find this entire homemade cleaner printable pack for free on my printable page HERE.

Here is the recipe for the Homemade laundry detergent: 

  • 8 cups of Borax

  • 1 box of baking soda

  • 1 container of OxiClean (or no name substitute from the dollar store)

  • 1 bar of soap shredded (optional)

  • 40 drops of your favourite essential oils


Here is my Homemade Cleaner Recipe printable: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE PRINTABLE

Best Homemade Cleaners


Here is a free printable of my labels!   Simple print these labels on sticker paper or glue the labels to your cleaner bottles! Click CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FREE LABELS PRINTABLE

Cleaning Labels

Laundry Detergent Label