I’m so geeked for spring this year! Warmer weather means opening windows, planting flowers and packing up all our winter coats and boots!

It also means SPRING CLEANING the entire house! I really only do a deep clean once a year and it is the only time I take the time to scrub the entire house from top to bottom! This year I got myself a new apron, rubber gloves and I stocked my cleaning caddy in anticipation of a full week of deep down cleaning!


You can download the my free printable Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Spring Cleaning Checklist

I am so into yellow this spring so I am adding little splashes all through my home! You can download this FREE SUNSHINE PRINTABLE HERE!


I even made this adorable homemade felt pillow to add a touch of yellow to my loveseat!


Watch my YouTube channel as I clean my home from top to bottom this spring!

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