Ultimate House Cleaning Motivation!!

Cleaning your house sucks. First of all, it is repetitive and mundane and secondly, no matter how good of a job we do, it just gets messy and dirty again eventually anyways.  If you have kids at home, your cleaning routine can seem like an endless, hourly chore with zero end in sight.

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I get it and trust me, I’m not singing and smiling as I scrub my toilets.  Unfortunately, as much as we hate doing it, housework is just one of the many joys of being a responsible adult (I’d give anything to be 10 years old again).  So, everyday, I put on my “big girl” pants and clean my freaking house.

I’ve tried so many different things to make housework less boring.  Netflix on my tablet (everything takes 10 times longer because I’m staring at a screen), talking on the phone (doing things one handed makes everything harder and my neck always hurts afterwards) and listening to music (I am constantly just trying to find a “better” song).   But I finally found something that makes cleaning way more fun and it motivates me to actually keep going! Ready for it??? Audiobooks!!

So here it goes, my three step process for being a super-motivated-house-cleaning-machine:

STEP ONE:  Download a free audiobook on your phone

STEP TWO: Strap that phone to yourself (bra strap tuck works in a pinch)


I just finished “Gone Girl” yesterday and now I’m onto “Edge Series”, which is basically a trilogy of romance novels, but with magic and stuff tossed in for extra fun! This thing about an audiobook is, you want to keep listening, but you can do other stuff at the same time because your hands are free.  It is awesome-sauce and you have to try it! I even listen to books while I watch my kids do their extra-curricular activities!  This way by kids see me totally watching them (instead of checking out on my phone) but I’m not DYING of boredom! Win/Win!

Give it a try! You can download your FREE AUDIOBOOK with Audible’s free 30 day trial! CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FIRST FREE BOOK!

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