How to start cleaning when your house is really messy!

Nov 21, 2016 | Blog, Cleaning Tips, Kitchen

I love a clean house, but I hate cleaning.  I have learned a few tips and tricks to help motivate me to start cleaning my home and how to get it done fast.

Right now, my house is a mess, like a huge mess.  I’m not even sure how it got this way so fast, but with five of us living here and none of us picking up after ourselves for a week straight, it got hoarders-special kind of bad in no time flat.

Obviously I am the only one in this house who keeps this place from becoming a disaster zone. My kids are pretty great at cleaning up, when I nag them, but without my reminders they are apparently incapable of hitting a garbage can or picking up their wet towels off the floor.

I’m not sure why I went on strike this week, but for whatever reason, I threw caution to the wind and didn’t clean one single thing.

So, where do you start when your home looks like a garbage dump (for reals…the dog got into the garbage bag and my living room is covered in garbage right now)?  You start with music or an audiobook to distract you from the mundane that is about to begin! Distraction is a critical step. Here is my Speed Cleaning Plan that never fails and always gets my house back to clean the fastest way possible:

Garbage: Yep, start with garbage. Empty the garbages in every room and run around the house with a garbage bag tossing everything that isn’t worth putting away! Lol

Dishes: Tackle the dishes first, because let’s be honest, that pile of dirty dishes is gross and super embarrassing! Cleaning the Kitchen is always the first thing I clean (after the garbage).

Surfaces: Clear the surfaces of clutter.  If the clutter is easy to put away, do it immediately! If putting things away requires effort, simply fill a box or laundry basket with clutter to put away later! I love using my “tidy tote” for speed cleaning.  I simply added a bunch of small inside a larger tote to keep the clutter sorted and easier to put away later.  Check out the video here:

One Cleaner Wonder: Grab your fav multi purpose cleaner and give your home a quick spray and wipe from top to bottom.  I love using just one cleaner to clean the entire house really fast.  My go-to multi purpose cleaner right now is Method’s multi-purpose cleaner, I put that S%$@ on everything! lol

Floors: Last, but not least I give the floors a quick vacuum.  Most of the time this means just pushing a button and letting my Roomba’s vacuum for me?  Don’t have a Roomba? I am giving one away!! Starting December 5th I will be running my “12 Giveaways of Christmas” contest and one of the prizes will be a brand new Roomba!! All you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and share and comment on a post!!!!