My Daily Cleaning Checklist

Jan 30, 2017 | Blog, Cleaning Tips, Cleaning Tips

Before I created a Daily Cleaning Checklist, I felt like I was cleaning all the time, yet my home was always messy.  I would spend hours scrubbing on the weekend  just to have it look like a dump again by Monday night.  I would frantically clean and hide clutter before company came over, but despite my best efforts, it never stayed that way for more than a few days.

Unfortunately there isn’t some magic cleaning product or trick that will keep your home clean forever (I’m still looking though), but there is a way to save yourself a butt load of time and effort.  Yep, it’s a daily cleaning checklist.  I sound like a broken record over here, but so many people contact me because they feel overwhelmed and discouraged when it comes to housework.  When I ask them what their daily schedule looks like, almost all of them say that they don’t have one.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.  Stop wishing for a clean house and make it happen!

I get it. I’ve been there.  The crappy part is that to make this daily cleaning routine thing work, you need to start with a pretty clean house.  That is the hardest part, the initial big clean.  Spend a weekend cleaning like the “queen is coming” and then start your daily routine on Monday morning!

The trick to making this work is forcing yourself to do a little each and everyday.  You’re going to be tired and you’re going to feel like you don’t have time, but remember, this is going to save you time!  No more cleaning for hours, looking for lost things or wasting time scrubbing.  It’s adulting 101 you guys, we have to clean up after ourselves everyday…like it or lump it!

So download your own Daily Cleaning Checklist today! No more 3 day old dirty dishes to scrub or piles of clutter on your countertops! When you do a little bit each day, the mess and dirt never pile up and you can spend your weekends the way you’re supposed to…relaxing.  Listen to my latest podcast here: