Want to have an organized home? Planning is half the battle

Jan 18, 2017 | Bedroom, Blog, Closets, Kitchen, Organizing Tips

Who doesn’t want a clean and organized home? I’m sure there are a few oddballs out there who love living in chaos, but for the rest of us, we would rather not be stepping on random lego and running out of clean underwear every week.

If having a clean and organized home is such a common goal, why are so many people living in messy, cluttered spaces? The short answer? It’s hard to know where and how to start.

It’s one thing to say “I’m going to get organized”, but if you don’t have a clear picture of the steps you need to get there, it’s just a wish at that point.  Having a clearly defined plan is key to any goal.

Another huge roadblock to getting to organization is time. We are freaking busy. It doesn’t matter if your home is already pretty clean or if you are drowning in clutter, organizing can be very time consuming.  You’ve heard me say a hundred times how each minute you invest in organizing your home will save you so much time in the long run, and that is very true, but it’s finding the time right now to actually do it that is the issue.

So how can you get an organized home without having to spend your weekends emptying out every closet and drawer? You plan and schedule easy and simple 15 minutes organizing projects.  Organizing your entire kitchen is a huge task and therefore you have probably been putting off getting started.  The trick isn’t to do your entire kitchen all at once.  Instead, break the job down into easy 15 minute organizing projects and just do one of those at a time.  Pick one day to organize your junk drawer and a few days later, spend 15 minutes just doing your spices.

These little 15 minute a day projects is how I completely transformed my entire home and how I have kept it that way for over 5 years. 

Here is my secret weapon.  My organizing planner!  Choose a space that you want to organize and break it down into simple, 15 minute steps.  Schedule yourself time to do each step and before you know it, clutter will be a thing of the past. Download your Free Organizing Planner Printable here.

Here is my planner filled out for my master bedroom! Fill out your planner for each space in your home that you want to get organized and keep them all in a binder so you can track your progress.  15 minutes a day really will keep the clutter away.

Organizing Planner Free Printable