The Dirty 30 Speed Cleaning Method For Your Home

Apr 18, 2017 | Blog, Cleaning Tips

I have been LOVING all the “Power Hour” speed cleaning videos on YouTube lately.  This trend was started by the wonderful Style Mom XO on YouTube and it is basically where you dedicate a full hour and clean your house as fast as possible.   I LOVE these videos and while I find them very motivating, sometimes I just don’t have a full hour to clean!

Let’s be honest, not only am I busy, but my ADHD brain kicks in after about a half an hour of cleaning and I just can’t always keep up the momentum.  I need to be able to clean my house in under 30 minutes, especially right before the husband comes home from work 😉

This checklist isn’t about deep cleaning, it is a quick and “good enough” speed cleaning method that can get your home company ready in 30 minutes flat.  You will still have to “Power Hour” clean your house sometimes, but when in a pinch (or when feeling lazy), this method will give you a pretty clean and tidy home in half the time.

Here is my Dirty 30 Speed Cleaning Checklist! You can download it for free Dirty 30 Checklist.

Watch the video of my Speed Cleaning using this method below: