Craft Room Makeover Under $100 & FREE PRINTABLES

Last week I was able to spend time with my BFF Jess as we completely decluttered and reorganized her craft room. I gotta say, I had a blast! I’m a total organizing junkie, so it was really fun to be able to tackle a really messy space, and boy, was it messy!

You can see the full  BEFORE & AFTER  reveal in the video posted below. 

I’m confident that this space is going to now stay organized because of my favourite organizing trick, labels. Labels are truly MAGIC and will help you find your things faster AND ensure that you and your entire family will actually put things away in the right spot when you are done using it. You can download and print all the Craft Room Labels we used by clicking this link.

To keep the budget small, we decorated the room using dollar store picture frames with pretty FREE craft room printable art inside.  I found these beautiful printables from an amazing crafty blogger, you can visit her site here:

You can download and print these six free Craft Room Printable Art by clicking this link!Watch the full video here:

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