Let’s talk about house cleaning routines or methods, and which one will work best for you! Tidying your home is NOT the same as cleaning it. Tidying basically consists of picking up after yourself (and sometimes your loved ones if they happen to need some training in this department). You can’t count washing dishes, picking up your dirty clothes or making your bed as “housework”, unfortunately that is just part of “adulting”. “Cleaning the house” consists of those chores that remove the dirt and grime from our homes. Having a cleaning routine checklist can save you so much time and effort when it comes to cleaning your home.

Household cleaning routines are not one size fits all. Just because a cleaning schedule works for one family, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Personally, I have tried ALL four of the following cleaning methods in the past, but my preferred routine is a DAILY SPEED CLEANING method with a daily 15 minute TASK MASTER job in the afternoon.

No matter what routine you decide on (whether it is one of these four or a combination of them all) it’s just important to actually HAVE a routine. Take a look at the following cleaning styles and choose one OR create your own cleaning routine today!

What cleaning style do you prefer?

For me, I do a DAILY SPEED CLEANING routine that is broken up into a morning, afternoon and nightly routine. You can download my Daily Cleaning Schedule HERE.

Along with my daily morning and evening checklist, I choose one “task cleaning” job per day. Here is my Speed Cleaning Schedule for TASK MASTER cleaning:

You can download this Weekly Speed Cleaning Schedule HERE

Watch the video of me describing each different routine below:

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