Declutter your home with the 40 Gifts in 40 Days Challenge

Feb 15, 2018 | Decluttering Tips, Organizing Tips, YouTube

Let’s get organized!
This year, instead of giving up cheeseburgers or candy bars, I’m giving up clutter. I decided to declutter one thing from my home everyday for 40 days and gift the item to a friend, family member or charity.

Instead of decluttering being associated with negative terms, like letting go or giving away, this challenge is all about gifting and sharing. Just changing your mindset about purging can completely get rid of those negative feelings and anxiety.

So let’s declutter together, gift our unused treasures and spread some joy for the next 40 days!

Declutter with me today! If you are taking part in the 40 gifts for 40 days challenge, use the hashtag #40gifts40days when sharing your pictures!

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