7 DIY Kids Activity Kit Recipes

Jul 6, 2018 | Blog, For Kids

Here is my goal for this summer: Busy, happy kids with minimal effort from Mom. Does that make me lazy? Sure does, but I also work from home and I gotta get stuff done sometimes!

Instead of having my kids occupy themselves with screens and snacks all summer long, I created seven DIY activity kits that they can play with for hours of outdoor fun (without needing mom’s help)!

To create these kits, I simply got 7 large containers from the dollar store and put ALL the ingredients and the recipes in each container. My kids can grab one container and follow along with the recipe, making slime, bouncy balls, bird feeders, puffy paint and more!


You can download ALL SEVEN recipes in the FREE DIY Activity Kits recipe book!

Download the FREE Lazy Moms Life hacks Recipes HERE!

You can also download all of the labels I used to make these DIY summer kits! Just print off and attach to a large dollar store container! Put the recipe inside and fill with all the ingredients! I laminated the recipes and the labels to make them water…and mess proof!

Get All 7 Labels for your kits HERE!

You can watch the FULL HOW TO VIDEO HERE: https://youtu.be/6PrdKdFLpjo