DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

May 7, 2019 | Blog, For Kids

It’s that perfect time of year again where you can create your very own Fairy Garden in your yard. Check out some great ideas and designs you and your children can do together to create some magical fun!

Did you know that fairies are magical? At night, sprinkle some dollar store glitter all around your fairy garden and your children will think their Fairies have moved in to their new home. It’s like the wonder of Elf on the Shelf… without having to move anything!

What is a Fairy Garden? Fairy gardens is a miniature garden made either in your garden bed or a container of your choice. It is intended to lure fairies to bring good luck to your home, along with love. You can add artificial or real living plants for greenery and ceramic housing along with tiny bird houses. Check out some of my favourite Fairy Garden designs.

Worried you do not have to right space for the “perfect” Fairy Garden? Check out this transformation from Ugly to Magical for under $100. Almost everything you see used for this magical garden is all from the Dollar Store. You can’t beat this price for years of magical fun, smiles when your children see their hard work pay off and from time to time, some magic fairy dust (glitter)!

These super cute DIY Fairy Gardens and are a great way to teach your children about simple gardening as well. Let them choose their own plants, choose little added characteristics to their fairy homes and have them take care of them each day. They will enjoy the experience because they will see their plants growing and feel proud. It’s amazing of how something this small of a task can make them feel like they are being responsible for something so big!

Looking for an inexpensive, different birthday party idea? Why not create a Fairy Garden with your guests? There are so many inexpensive ways to create these fun, magical gardens. Not only can they can create these magical gardens in whatever container style you choose while at the birthday party but they can also take these home to enjoy in their rooms or outside in their own garden at home. Let them be creative and enjoy all these fun memories that they can create with something that they can feel so proud of.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there, find your perfect spot to start and let the magic begin!