Dollar Store Outdoor Decor Ideas

May 13, 2019 | Blog

Every year around this time, I drag out all of the patio furniture I’ve haphazardly tossed in the shed, and attempt to transform my empty deck into a summer oasis for my family. Bright, whimsical and inviting is always my goal, but my tiny budget means that I need to rely on the dollar store to make this happen!

I’m always amazed at the wonderful collection of outdoor decor at both Dollarama and The Dollar Tree. Everything from outdoor placemats to bird feeders are a fraction of the price you’ll pay anywhere else.

This year was no exception. Whimsical garden gnomes, bright coloured pots and solar fairy lights have helped turn my boring deck into a colourful and beautiful space.

This year I did three new DIY outdoor decor projects, using only dollar store items! You can check out the full video below:

Want to see my deck from previous years? Here is my deck from 2018:

Here is my deck from 2017:

And another video from 2015…not sure why I skipped two years!

I can’t forget this SUPER old and embarrassing bad video from 2013:

Obviously, I’ve been decorating my patio using Dollar Store finds for many years. Thankfully, I am able to reuse a lot from year to year and they always carry the same bright colours! If you want to add some colour and interest to your patio, check out your local dollar store before you spend big bucks anywhere else!