How to Kill the Viruses in your Home

Mar 13, 2020 | Blog

Up until yesterday, the Coronavirus pandemic wasn’t something I was really stressing over. Here in Canada, the number of confirmed cases is still relatively low, so I wasn’t giving the virus much thought. Last night however, the impact of this virus on my family got real.

Last night, the government announced that they are cancelling all of the schools across the province for the next 3 weeks. All my children’s extra curricular activities, like hockey and Taekwondo, are also cancelled for the foreseeable future.

While the kids are thrilled that they won’t have school, they were devastated to learn that Disney World has also closed, which means our upcoming family trip to Florida will also have to be cancelled.

Meanwhile, this virus is impacting my family in another…less understandable way. After scouring the city AND online shopping sites, not only are all the disinfecting cleaners and hand sanitizer officially gone, but there is not ONE roll of toilet paper left to be purchased…anywhere. Our family is down to our last three rolls and as a family of five, this is what really has me panicking! Why I think the fact that people are hoarding toilet paper seems ridiculous, it doesn’t help the fact that there is literally NONE left. Even Amazon is backordered and will not have any available for at least a month. Now that shit (forgive the pun) is actually terrifying.

So how am I dealing with my sudden panic of the virus? I’m cleaning and disinfecting everything. While my germ killing spree may be futile, it sure does make me feel better about the entire situation.

With a lack of disinfecting cleaners in any stores (even rubbing alcohol is sold out), I’ve resorted to good-old-fashion bleach as my instrument of death. I’ve diluted bleach and scrubbed everything and anything my family has ever touched in an attempt to keep us safe. Sure my home smells like a pool, but it is definitely COVID-19 free.

If you too want to murder the germs in your home, look no further than this blog post. I’ve made you a handy printable checklist, with all the most virus-festering places to clean. So grab your bleach or other disinfecting cleaner and let’s end this thing together….because I want to be able to wipe my butt and go to Disney World!