Speed clean with me! Today I am speed cleaning my messy home with these FIVE fast and easy cleaning tips. It doesn’t take long for my home to get dirty, but it also doesn’t take long to clean it up!

1) Use a Tidy Tote. Use can use anything as a tidy tote! Beach bags, diaper bags and laundry baskets work great. My tidy tote was from Walmart, but it is no longer available

2) One Product Wonder. Find ONE product for ALL your surfaces. I like Method glass cleaner, Mrs Meyer’s glass cleaner or homemade DIY cleaners with rubbing alcohol. DO NOT use a product with ammonia or vinegar, as they are not safe for stone or wood.

3) Spray and Walk Away. Let your product sit and soak on those really dirty surfaces so that you never have to scrub!

4) Dusting Wands are the bomb. Use them to speed dust everything including walls, picture frames, ceilings, light fixtures and all your surfaces. They “trap” the dust, so you can move fast and still have the same results.

5) Only focus on HIGH TRAFFIC areas for your floors and use a spray mop instead of a mop and bucket. A spray mop is faster, dries faster and no moving a bucket required!

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