Declutter and Organize your Closet – Holiday Home Challenge Week ONE

Sep 29, 2020 | Holiday Home, YouTube

This week we are decluttering and organizing our clothing and I have to admit, it’s already been pretty life changing. I’ve lost over 120 pounds this year, so I’ve decluttered my closet a few times, since I no longer wear a size 16/18. I really assumed I wouldn’t find much to let go of this week. I also have the world’s smallest closet (maybe an exageration, but it is REALLY small), so I struggle to find something to wear every morning amoung the crammed shirts and sweaters in such a small space. Everyday, I look at my closet and think to myself “I have nothing to wear”.

So yesterday I took everything out and something magical happened. Not only did I declutter, but I decided to shop my closet and put togther some fall outfits. I was shocked my how many pieces of clothing I found hiding in the back that I had forgotten about! I was preparing myself for needing to buy a new fall wardrobe, but I discovered so many great finds in my own closet, I no longer need to hit the mall. Decluttering my closet saved me money, but more than that, I was excited to get dressed this morning.

Cool weather is on it’s way and the holidays is close behind that, now is the time to get your clothing and closet decluttered and organized. Take some extra time to shop your closet and put together some great fall outfits while you’re at it. Tomorrow you will thank you!