How to Stop Procrastinating and REALLY get Motivated

Jan 7, 2021 | YouTube

In this video, I share my top FOUR favourite tips for stopping procrastination and REALLY getting motivated.

1. Five Minutes Matters – You don’t have to finish anything, you just have to start. Five minutes can make a huge difference.
2. Borrow Motivation From Others – Podcasts, audiobooks, Youtube videos, music or a phone call with a friend. If you aren’t feeling motivated, don’t be afraid to borrow it from someone else.
3. Dress For It – What you wear can change your mood and mindset. If you don’t feel like cleaning, put on a apron! Don’t feel like working out? Put on some workout clothes! Dress for the person you want to be.
4. Eat That Frog – Start with the one task you are dreading the most first. This is make the rest of the day seem easy in comparison and stop you from procrastinating your entire day away.

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