Messy Home? Here’s How To Get Started

Jul 12, 2022 | YouTube

Messy Home? In this video, I share why your home isn’t staying tidy and how and where to start cleaning and organizing so it stays clean. Thank you Birch for sponsoring! Visit to get $400 off your Birch mattress, plus two free pillows. #BirchLiving

Are you stuck in the cycle of cleaning and tidying your home, just for it to get messy again? Here is the REAL REASON your home isn’t staying tidy and always seems messy.

00:00 Introduction
00:10 Why Your Home is Always Messy
01:10 Where to Start
02:18 D is for Dirty Clothes
02:35 R is for Reset
04:09 E is for Empty Trash
04:53 A is for Air it Out
05:44 M is for Make your Bed
08:36 End Story

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