My Daily Routine – Work, Clean, Cook, Parent… Repeat!

Oct 11, 2022 | YouTube

Here is my daily routine as a YouTuber / work-from-home mom! How do I work full time, keep the house clean and take care of my three kids? It’s a lot less work than you’d think!
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Anyone else feel like they are busy all day long, but never seem to get anything done?

00:00 Start
00:03 Morning Makeup Routine
01:35 Morning Work For Home Routine
03:05 Morning Cleaning Routine
04:05 Afternoon Work Routine
04:45 Make Dinner
05:18 Hello Fresh Ad
06:35 Kitchen Cleaning After Dinner
07:33 Spending Time with My Kids
09:15 Baking Banana Bread Muffins
10:39 Night Time Cleaning Routine
12:49 End Story

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