Messy Space Makeover! Clutter Before and After!

Jan 10, 2023 | YouTube

Are you ready to be clutter-free in 2023!? Watch the Extreme Clutter Before and After Makeover! Thanks again to Noom for sponsoring this video! Don’t miss out on this exclusive limited-time offer, Go to and use my code CLUTTERBUG25 to get $25 off ANY plan! #Noompartner

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00:00 Start
00:11 Meet Matt and Amy
00:30 Before
01:31 Decluttering Rules
03:15 The Cycle of Clutter
04:35 ADHD and the Power of Body Doubling
07:40 Huge Declutter Pile!
08:36 Noom AD
09:40 Day Two – Time to Start Organizing!
10:00 Zoning the Space
10:43 Organizing into Containers
11:00 How to Create a Memory Center
15:49 End Story

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