The FIVE Different Types of Clutter. Which one do you struggle with the most?

Jan 24, 2023 | YouTube

What type of clutter do you struggle with in your home? If you have a messy, cluttered home, it’s helpful to identify the type of clutter you struggle with the most. There are FIVE types of clutter:
Homeless Clutter, Identity Clutter, Fantasy Clutter, Guilty Clutter, and Lazy Clutter.

I have a lot of Fantasy Clutter right now, but I used to struggle with Lazy Clutter the most. Let me know in the comments below your biggest struggle! Together we can declutter and be clutter-free for 2023!

00:00 Introduction
01:09 Homeless Clutter
03:22 Fantasy Clutter
05:42 Guilty Clutter
07:47 Identity Clutter
10:43 Lazy Clutter
14:37 End Story

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