21 Life & Home Hacks That Will Change Your Life (Especially If You Have ADHD)

Mar 7, 2023 | YouTube

Simple ADHD Home Hacks to stay focused and be more productive! Real-life solutions for a functional home! For 60% off with HelloFresh PLUS free shipping, use code CLUTTERBUG60 at https://bit.ly/3S1VD7e

00:00 Start
00:10 ADHD and the Low Dopamine Connection
01:17 Productivity Hack – Visual Planning Station
02:50 Brain Dumping
03:47 Use Electronics as your Memory
05:14 Use a Tiny Timer and Throw it Across the Room
06:03 Body Doubling
06:31 Healthy Eating Hacks – Organize your Healthy Food
07:25 Batch Cooking for Quick Lunches and Dinners
08:00 Sugar-Free Snacks for Mindless Eating
08:12 Fun Low-Calorie Desserts and Snacks
09:41 HelloFresh Ad
10:58 Cleaning Hacks – Go to Zombieland with wireless headphones
11:42 Soaker Sink
12:22 Dress for Success – Aprons, gloves and running shoes!
12:55 Clutter Catcher Baskets for the win!
13:51 21 Item Toss
14:38 5-Minute Tidy-Up Times
15:24 Laundry Hacks
15:36 Hooks for In-Between Clothing
16:12 Don’t Fold, Shove in a Bin!
16:41 Hanger Hack
17:21 Stop Sorting! Wash Clothing by Room, Not by Color.
18:18 Set alarms weekly to remind you to wash your bedding
18:54 Use the Delay Wash on Washing Machine
19:30 End Story

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