20 GENIUS Thrifting Hacks 💸 SAVE THOUSANDS!!! 💸

May 23, 2023 | YouTube

I’m sharing my best thrifting hacks and secrets with you so you can save THOUSANDS of dollars and find some incredible treasures at the same time! I’ll show you the best deals, where to find the best pieces, and how to thrift shop like a PRO!

00:00 Introduction
01:05 Make it an Adventure
01:34 Go to Suburb Locations for Clothing
01:51 Goodwill is cheaper for Clothing
02:35 Donate before you go – get that Coupon!
03:06 Avoid Wrinkled Clothing
04:00 Avoid Fast Fashion Brands
04:24 Do the Hip Check
05:05 Wear Tighter Clothing
05:49 WASH the Clothes with Vinegar!
06:18 Shoes are a MUST!
07:15 Purses & Bags are a Great Deal!
08:00 Dishes and Small Kitchen Appliances
08:44 Artwork is my FAVOURITE Thing to Find
09:33 Picture Frames
09:51 Furniture is Best At Mission Shops
10:31 Lamps
11:10 Treasure Hunt with Kids
12:02 Books
12:40 Just Give it a Try!
14:22 End Story

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