20 LAZY Laundry Hacks to Save You Time!!

Oct 31, 2023 | YouTube

Today I am sharing my all-time favourite laundry hacks, tricks and tips that will improve your laundry routine! Laundry is my least favourite chore, and it can make your house look messy and cluttered FAST. Let’s do laundry faster! Want to try the Epson LabelWorks label maker? Save 10% with the code CLUTTERBUG10 here: https://labelworks.epson.com/

00:00 Introduction
00:28 Stop Sorting
00:50 Brighten Your Whites
01:10 Wool Dryer Balls
01:24 Aluminium Foil Ball
01:52 Laundry Hamper in Everyone
02:09 Sorting Baskets that Stack into each other
02:33 Use a Mesh bag to Prevent Skank
02:52 Magnetic Door Prop
03:15 Use a Razor to Stop the Piling
03:33 Keep Products Convenient and Close
03:53 Epson Ad
04:52 Use Detergent Sheets
05:15 Have a Lint Bin
05:40 Unmatched Sock Bin
06:21 Collapsible Laundry Baskets
06:35 Utility Sink Laundry Basket
06:50 Use Delay Wash
07:18 Habit Stack
07:55 Group Empty Hangers
08:40 Don’t Fold What Doesn’t Need to be Folded
09:05 Declutter!
09:37 End Story

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