30 Genius ADHD Life Hacks

May 14, 2024 | YouTube

If you struggle with motivation, forgetfulness, impulsiveness or distractibility, I’ve got 30 GENIUS ADHD Hacks that will change your life! Not everything works for every person, that’s why I love trying new hacks and solutions to help make my life easier. I hope you find a few of these ADHD hacks helpful!

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00:00 Introduction
00:16 Keychain Braclets
01:58 A Day, B Day
02:59 Circle the Important on Daily To-Do
03:13 Eat Ice Cream
03:40 Distract Your Brain
04:12 Body Double
04:32 Schedule Everything on Your Phone
04:55 Play Make Believe
05:26 Dress For It
05:45 Clean in the Backgroud
06:14 Cleaners in the Shower
06:34 Toilet Bleach Tablet
06:55 Night Time Routine
07:22 Make Healthy Food Visual
08:01 Have Food Ready to Eat
08:20 No Cook Meals
09:04 Meal Plan Simple Meals
09:36 Watch Your Screen
10:30 Make an Everywhere Bag
11:11 Notepads Everywhere
11:30 Get Ready for Bed Earlier
12:18 Drop Zones
12:35 Alexa
12:55 White Noise or Ear Plugs
13:26 Don’t Put Down, Put Away
13:42 Never Leave a Room Empty Handed
13:53 Get Ready Bin
14:14 Take the Closet Doors Off
14:37 Chewable Vitamins
15:49 Make a Drink Before I Leave
17:26 End Story

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