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So…Where Do I Begin?” This is probably the most common question I get asked through email, social media, and messages of all kinds. “How do I begin the process of getting organized?”

While I have MANY resources on Youtube, my website, and every social media venue, I thought it might be time to assemble a ‘GO TO MANUAL’ for people who are really serious about getting from where they are to where they want to be:


Organization is one of those things that you never truly arrive at. You certainly don’t get there accidently and even when you work really hard, it often takes a lot of re-evaluating and re-addressing to get your systems just right. I have a favorite saying, you may have seen it on my vlog before: “I used to have cleaning fairies, but my dust bunnies ate them!” Wouldn’t it be great? To be like the cobbler with his elves and wake up to a clean and perfectly organized house? Well my friend, I have been in MANY peoples homes… and those elves must all be on vacation. Being organized is not magic- it is having the right plan, the right set of tools in your organizational toolbelt, and lots of motivation and determination to get there.

The last thing I’ll say about organization before I launch into this “How To” section is that it is extremely addicting! If you spend just 15 minutes organizing something today, you are going to see immediate and long lasting results. Nothing makes such an instant and life changing impact, in such a short amount of time, like organization. Let’s start your journey to a clean and clutter-free life now!

Step 1: Find Out What Kind of Clutterbug You Are:

You may think I’m just trying to self promote here… but I am NOT! When I started organizing other people’s homes professionally, I learned the hard way that not everyone organizes the same way.  Organizing is not one size fits all.  I set up so many organizing systems for clients that failed because they just didn’t work for those clients, despite working great for others.

There is no use creating an elaborate organizing system, spending money on products, or spending valuable time preparing something that doesn’t meet YOUR needs! It is imperative that you find out what kind of organizing system works for you!

Take the free test HERE and find out what ClutterBug you are now.

Here is a video that give your even more of a breakdown of each of the “bugs”:

What’s Your Organizing Style:

Step 2: Knowing the Difference Between Clutter and Cleanliness:

The truth is, these two things are NOT the same! No matter how clean you are, if you a lot of clutter, your space will never FEEL clean or relaxing! You HAVE to deal with Clutter BEFORE you deal with Cleaning!

These are my GO TO systems for dealing with Clutter:

Let’s do some Painless Purging: 

    1. Garbage Bag Therapy:
    2. How To Clean with a 21 Item Toss:


  1. Top 5 Tips to Declutter Your Home in 5 Easy Steps:
  2. Declutter with Me:
  3. Declutter and Organize Craft Supplies:
  4. My 5 Best Decluttering Tips:

Asking yourself the all important question: Do I have invisible Clutter:


Utilizing the S.P.A.C.E. Method for organizing:


Create a Tidy Tote:

  1. Speed Clean With a Tidy Tote:

The 1 minute Rule:

Creating Homes for Homeless Clutter in your house:

  1. The Secret to a Clean and Clutter Free House: Homes for the Homeless:

Creating Storage Solutions for most mundane things:

  1. Top 10 Storage Solutions that Every Home Needs:
  2. My Organized Closet: Creating a Home for EVERYTHING:
  3. Get Organized One Drawer At a Time:
  4. Refrigerator:
  5. Pantry:

Keeping your home organized:

  1. Get a Clean and Organized Home and Keep It That Way:
  2. Clear Counter Challenge:
  3. How to Get Rid of Guilty Clutter:
Step 3: Cleaning Your Home

These are my go-to methods for getting your house REALLY clean!

First: Evaluate what kind of cleaning style you have. This is different from your ClutterBug organizing style. What is your preferred cleaning method? Are you a ZONE CLEANER? A DAILY CLEANER? A POWER HOUR CLEANER? A ONE DAY A WEEK CLEANER? I recommend giving them all a try to find one that best suits your needs and schedule.

Create your Cleaning Routine: Having a schedule and routine written down is KEY to keeping up on your housework.  I have made a few different routines that you can try and download as free printable checklists!

Cleaning Routines:

  1. Speed Cleaning My House in 30 minutes with a Dirty 30 Routine:
  2. Clean With Me Vlog:
  3. How To ‘FAKE’ a Clean House:
  4. Dirty 30 Speed Cleaning:
  5. My Daily Cleaning Routines:
  6. My Daily Cleaning Routine:
  7. My Morning Cleaning Routine and motivation:
  8. 5 Speed Cleaning Tips and Ideas for Your Home:
  9. My nightly cleaning Routine:

Find your favorite household helpers. I have several that I really love ( and NO I do not get paid to say that) These things make a HUGE difference in whether my space is clean or dirty and how often. If it’s too complicated I won’t do it- and neither will you (listen up Crickets especially). Simple, easy, quick, consistent, convenient! Your cleaning routine has to be ALL of these things if you are actually going to keep it going.

  1. Favorite Household Helpers:
  2. My secret housewife organizing tool:

Cleaning Systems to use on REALLY difficult or dirty areas.

  1. Cleaning My Secret Dirty Spaces:
  2. How to Speed Clean a Very Messy Bedroom:
  3. Spring Cleaning Routine: 5 Areas to Deep Clean in Your Home:
  4. Spring Cleaning: Floors and Under the Sink
Step Four: Long Term Success

Let’s talk about why we had the mess in the first place!  These are the most common reason’s why people have clutter filled or unclean homes! See if any of these apply to you.

Lack of Motivation: Clutter breeds chaos.. it breeds depression… it KILLS motivation!

  1. Messy House: How to Get Motivated to Clean and Declutter:
  2. A Clean House is Beautiful- Organizing Tip of the Day:
  3. Cleaning Motivation through Garbage Bag therapy:

Perfectionism….the POISON for clean, clutter free homes!

  1. Good Enough Organizing:

Laziness: this is me more often than I’d like to admit.

  1. Super Slob and Hidy Hoarder:

Being Clutterblind: Not even seeing the mess anymore.

Feeling Hopeless: ‘I will NEVER have a clean house’ ostrich syndrome: This is a common belief but it is completely NOT TRUE!

  1. Be your own cleaning crew:

Lack of a Schedule:

  1. How do I do it all:
  2. Time saving tips:

Ok! That’s it guys! Remember, you can always get more intense help through my book Real Life Organizing. Get your copy, along with FREE PRINTABLES FOR LIFE, HERE!

The KINDLE version is just $7.00 and still gives you access to the exclusive FREE PRINTABLES coupon, which will give your free printables from my shop FOR LIFE!



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