Stay-at-home mom chore list

There are times when I feel, as a stay-at-home mom,  very unappreciated.  I feel busy all day long, yet I rarely feel like I have accomplished much.  In order to make myself feel better, as well as really give my husband some hard numbers, I made a list.

This list is the bare bones of weekly housework and household chores.  Truthfully, I probably put in way more hours than what is on the list, unnecessarily wiping baseboards and reorganizing drawers.  I left out the crazy, OCD stuff and just made a realistic list.  I was surprised to find that the basic, 10-20 minute a day chores added up to over 20 hours per week!

Stay-at-home Mommy hours

Add to that the time spent with the kids and my YouTube channel (20+ hours per week) and I am working just as much, if not more, than if I worked full time outside of the home. I am also giving my family the ability to be together as a family on weeknights and weekends, not having to spend that time cleaning or doing chores.

Here is my latest Podcast where I talk a little about my FAMILY DYNAMICS at home:

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