The best thing I learned from a Professional Cleaning Lady

Aug 24, 2016 | Back-to-School, Blog, Cleaning Tips

I’m a stay-at-home Mom and I also work full time from home.  I guess that makes me a work-at-home mom? Regardless, this summer has left me feeling like I just can’t get it together.  With three kids home all day, a full time blogging gig and now a book to write (on a tight deadline), I feel as though I’m working non-stop.  Most days I’m doing the whole SAHM thing (playing with them or taking them somewhere fun) while also working on my full-time job at the same time (I don’t feel like I’m doing either one of my full time jobs very well right now).  Literally every minute that I’m awake feels rushed, like I’m chasing after a missed train that keeps getting further and further away.


My husband obviously picked up on my stress (maybe it was the constant screaming and crying intermixed), because he suggested that I hire someone to help clean the house once a week.  Cleaning the house was the least of my stress, but I thought it may be a great way to take one thing off my heaping plate (no my husband doesn’t do housework and yes I’m ok with that) until my kids go back to school.

So, I hired someone.  She came once. I fired her the next day.

It’s not that she didn’t do a good job, it was just a bit…underwhelming.  Our house was already pretty clean when she came and honestly, I didn’t notice any big difference after she left.  I had this delusion that a Professional House Cleaner was going to possess some special cleaning super power that I just didn’t have.  I assumed they had secret cleaning tips and tricks and that I would come home to some miraculous transformation.  The reality is, she was just a regular girl using regular cleaning products and cleaning the same way that I usually do.   It took her two hours to clean my home from top to bottom and she charged me $100 to do it.  $100 freaking dollars. 


While it hurt to pay that money for something that I can do in just 15 minutes a day, it was also a wonderful and reassuring life lesson.  I am doing a good job keeping the house clean.  I can keep my home just as clean as a cleaning lady and only spend 15 minutes a day doing it.  The best part? I’m free 🙂

The truth is, the really time consuming stuff, a cleaning lady (or man…I shouldn’t be so sexist) doesn’t do anyways.  Laundry and daily clutter pick ups are the chores that take the longest.  My Roomba vacuums the house for me daily, so my 15 minute a day cleaning schedule is all I need to maintain a really professionally cleaned home.  I can handle 15 minutes a day.

Check out my 15 minute a day cleaning schedule and have a professionally cleaned home for free!

15 Minute a day Cleaning Schedule

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