The Self Help Secret That Changed My Life

I read a lot of self help books, I’m totally a self help book junkie. The first few chapters of almost every book I have ever read has had the exact same effect – I feel energized and motivated to completely transform my life. The only problem is, after a few short days, the motivation and euphoric feeling that they bring soon fades and I’m back to my old procrastinating and underachieving self.

There is ONE secret that I learned from the incredible Self Help Guru, Gretchen Rubin, that has stayed with me though. Her simple concept had an immediate and long lasting impact on every area of my life. I still, years later, use this secret each and every day to save me time, effort and get more accomplished than I ever thought possible….all in under 60 seconds.

Want to know the secret? Listen to this podcast to find out:

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