How to Create New Healthy Habits Podcast

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Podcasts

Let’s create new and healthy habits together! I’m starting a new 30-day challenge for myself, and I hope you start your own challenge with me. 

They say it only takes 30-days to create a new and long-lasting habit, so let’s put that to the test!

Starting May 1st, I’m giving up white sugar and white carbs for 30 days. My hope is that this becomes a life-long commitment. I know myself, and I know that my sugar addiction just can’t be moderated – I’m an ALL-OR-NOTHING girl. 

Maybe you want to have less clutter, tidy daily, eat more greens or go to bed earlier. Whatever new habit you are craving, you need to start with the FIVE basic steps in order to succeed. 

In my latest podcast, I break down these FIVE basic steps, so you can start your 30-day challenge with no fear of failure!

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