The Freedom of Owning Less with Joshua Becker

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Podcasts

Joshua Becker, author and founder of, joins Cas on the podcast. They discuss rational minimalism and share how you can make that shift for yourself. 

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We hear people describe their clutter as suffocating. They feel like they are drowning, crushed by its presence. Our possessions become overwhelming. This is the problem Joshua addresses in his work. 

Do your possessions take away from the life you want to live?

We usually underestimate how much effort goes into maintaining and accumulating our possessions. Think of the time spent researching a purchase. Once you own something you devote energy to cleaning, repairing, and then replacing it. Cas describes this as “fractions of a second that add up to minutes, and even days.” Stuff collects until it distracts from your values and the life you want to live.

How can you go from decluttering to experiencing the freedom of owning less?

Joshua says “Don’t just declutter, de-own.” This is something he finds resonates with many people. Too often we address only the problem on the surface. We get rid of a small amount but don’t ask why things accumulate. The process has to include a change of perspective. This means adding intentionality to your life. This can mean decisions about your possessions, your money, your energy, and your time.

How do you start to de-own your possessions?

In the podcast, Joshua and Cas discuss how to add permanence to your decluttering. The focus on a few ideas on how to change your mindset, including:

Start with intentionality in one small aspect of your life

This is why decluttering is usually step one. Becoming more mindful of our possessions helps us see the benefits of simplicity. 

We then become more intentional in other areas of life. The next step can be freeing ourselves of unnecessary obligations, goals, or commitments.

Surround yourself with messaging that supports positive change

We all know materialism is a bad thing. We rarely hear about the benefits of avoiding it. Remind yourself what you gain by having less. Think of what it would mean to have extra time for hobbies, goals, or relationships. 

Counteract the average of 5000 advertisements you see a day. This means also being intentional about the content you consume. Creators such as Cas, Joshua, or the Minimal Mom can help you explore the idea of living with less.

Fear the right thing

What if I get rid of something I need? What if I do it all wrong? What if I get rid of too much? 

Joshua says these aren’t the right questions. Instead, ask “what if I continue on accumulating stuff?” What do you miss out on if you spend all your time thinking about your clutter?

Tackle the identity clutter

A cabinet in a workshop overflows with books, paints, storage totes, and other supplies.

Separate your identity from the objects that go along with it. Remind yourself, you can be well-read without keeping every book you’ve ever bought. You can be a talented crafter without having every type of supply in your home. Working with less may even spark your creativity!

Ask yourself the right questions

What am I keeping? Does this serve a purpose in my life? Is this helping me become the person I want to be? What do I value most? Does this align with those values?

Hopefully, these ideas have motivated you to explore living with less. To hear Cas and Joshua’s entire discussion, watch the full podcast episode on Youtube.

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