From Rushed to Relaxed – Slowing Down in the Season of Speed

by | Nov 6, 2023 | Podcasts

Let’s try something different this holiday season.

I’m craving a slower-paced lifestyle, but I also want all the good stuff that comes from working hard and being busy. Can we really have it both ways?

The holidays are fast approaching, and this “season of speed” usually comes with overspending, overbuying and overcommitting ourselves. 

What if this year we tried a new approach? What if we still did the shopping and family gatherings, but without all the rushing and regret? What if we were more intentional this holiday season?! 

In today’s podcast, we chat about simple ways to be more productive, without being busier. I’ll show you real-life ways to be less impulsive, without needing extra willpower or doing extra work. 

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