10 Solutions to get MORE STORAGE on a small Budget!

Mar 21, 2023 | Organizing Tips, YouTube

Who hasn’t wished for more storage in their home? We get frustrated, buy quick fixes, and end up adding to the clutter in our homes. Buying with a plan is key, but it’s even better to choose items that are useful even when your needs change.

These 10 storage solutions work to maximize the space in any home. They’re affordable, multipurpose — and even better — you can start using them right away.

1. Shoe Cabinets from Ikea 

These space-saving storage cabinets are great for narrow spaces. They do double duty as linen cabinets or paper organizers. 

The Hemnes cabinet is a great pick for a more polished look. Need inspiration? Christina of DIY Mommy uses one in her entryway for kids’ shoes, assigning one door per person.  

Image Credit: IKEA

2. Functional Under-the-bed Storage

In most households, the space beneath beds does nothing but attract dust bunnies. With bed risers and convenient pull-out storage bins, that space becomes usable storage. These bins can act as a dresser or create an easy-access spot for out-of-season decor and clothing. 

Another way to maximize the space under the bed is with vacuum-seal bags. These bags keep out dust and moisture while making bulky items more compact for storage. Grab them online or at your local dollar store to stow away heavy bedding or winter jackets.

Cas Aarsen slides a lidded plastic rectangular storage tote filled with gift wrap under her bed, while holding her fingers to her lips.

3. Back-of-the-door Organizers

Make use of the area behind your door with a back-of-the-door organizer. Use them in pantries, closets, offices, or almost any room in your home. These systems offer excellent visual storage for bees and butterflies

The Container Store’s Elfa System is an excellent option and is customizable to fit your needs. If you have a smaller budget,  Amazon stocks similar organizers to fit most spaces.

Cas Aarsen places hair products in the Elfa back of door storage solution.

4. Fruit and Veggie Storage

If you are short on counter space, grab one of these wire basket shelving systems. Use them to store fresh produce that doesn’t belong in the fridge. As a bonus, your healthy snacks are always in plain view. Say goodbye to those science experiments lurking in your pantry! 

Three tiered wall mounted black metal storage baskets hold a variety of fresh vegetables.
Image credit: Amazon

5. Storage Ottomans

Ottomans are a great versatile piece. Sub them for a coffee table or a bench at the end of your bed. Ladybugs will love them as hidden storage for workout gear or extra linens.

A calico cat lounges on a storage ottoman in front of a window in a tidy living room.

6. Heavy-duty Floating Shelving

Not all floating shelves are created equally. Look for sturdy, functional shelves to take advantage of wall space. Adjustable solutions can change with your needs and act like a hutch above desks or cabinets.

Floating white wall shelves above a desk hold books, wicker baskets, a decorative porcelain tea set, ivy, and other decor pieces.

7. Cube Shelving

Cubby shelves are ideal as toy storage, room dividers, or instead of dressers for kids. IKEA’s Kallax shelves are sturdy and work well in any room. They’re often available secondhand, making them an even more affordable option.

A Kallax shelving unit adds more storage in a shared bedroom. The shelf divides two sides of the room.

8. Closet Organizers

Doubling your closet storage can be as simple as adding a second rod. To really maximize storage in your home, look into inexpensive closet systems. A narrow shelf can act as a divider for a shared closet and adds space for bins or baskets.

Tall shelves create more storage and division in a shared closet..

9. Bins and Baskets

Look for inexpensive bins and baskets at the dollar store or thrift stores. Great for ladybugs, these work well on floating shelves to add vertical storage to any space.

Cas Aarsen slides a canvas bin into a closet storage system.

10. Three-tier Storage Carts

These carts are popular for a good reason. Use them to keep surfaces clear and stop piles from forming on counters. Move around a lot? These carts make a great mobile office or homework station and tuck out of the way when not in use.

A white three tier storage cart filled with office supplies and binders sits next to a clean white desk.

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