The Clutter Connection

My new (and final) book, “The Clutter Connection” is now ready for pre-order! If you have already ordered, scroll down to the bottom to get your pre-order bonus!

You’re Not Messy, You Just Organize Differently 

This is the mantra by which my organizing business Clutterbug is based on. In my latest book The Clutter Connection, I bring this idea to life by examining the correlation between brain types and how they directly relate to organization and clutter. By determining your Clutterbug style, you can finally setup organizing systems and routines that will stay organized for good. The Clutter Connection smashes the stereo–type that some people are “naturally messy” and offers insight and real-life solutions based on your unique, personal organizing style.

The Clutter Connection will teach you:

·         The four different organizing styles and how they relate to each other

·         How motivation and happiness can be directly affected by our space

·         The “3P’s” – Productivity, procrastination and perfectionism and how they are connected to your unique organizing style

·         How you can finally become clutter-free simply by knowing yourself better

The Clutter Connection offers a personalized  solution to the dauting task of getting organized. This one-of-a-kind guide will get anyone on the right track of getting structured and saving time! – Nikki Boyd, professional organizer and founder of At Home With Nikki

“Cassandra Aarssen’s test is the first-step to overcoming any type of disorganization that might be slowing down your life.” – Peter Walsh, New York Times best-selling author and organization expert


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